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Malaysia’s largest and most trusted roadside assistance network

About Car2ResQ

CAR2RESQ is a road side assistance on unexpected road situations including breakdowns and accidents.

The service provides users with roadside assistance which users need only to pay yearly with 4 plans to choose from.

Customers are offered services that includes and not limited to car towing, flood towing, roadside repair, vehicle repatriation, journey continuation and accommodation


Why Us?

680 providers nationwide with 2,000 available tow trucks to assist you.

Floor Towing, International Towing + Car Repatriation
Floor Towing, International Towing + Car Repatriation
Journey Continuation
Journey Continuation
On-The-Spot Repair
Emergency Evacuation & Message Transmission

Our Services

Our wide range of network services is ready to assist you 24/7.


Covers towing or flood towing anywhere in Malaysia up from 100km to 600km one way. We will also cover toll charges in SUPER and VIP plan.s

Alternative Transport

Covers up to RM80 for alternative transportation fare in the event of car break down anywhere in Malaysia. Alternative transportation includes bus, train, flight, or car rental.


Covers up to RM400 for hotel room reimbursement in the event of car breakdown if you happen to travel more than 100KM from your house.

International Towing

Anywhere in Singapore, Thailand and Burnei.

Emergency messaging

We will inform your registered next of kin in the event of car breakdown or accident in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Brunei.

Roadside Repair

We provided tyre changing, jumpstart, refueling, minor roadside repair, and key stuck.

Car2ResQ Plan

More value together!





Common Q&A about Car2ResQ

  • Does on-the-spot repair include towing, refuel, changing tyres, minor repair and jump start?


  • What services are provided by Allianz Partners?

    Journey Continuation, Car Repatriation, Accomodation, Floor Towing, International Towing, On-The-Spot Repair, Emergency Evacuation & Message Transmission.

  • How many internal tow trucks and key panel towing providers nationwide does Allianz Worldwide Partners have?

    We have 680 internal tow trucks and 10 key panel towing providers nationwide.

  • What is the average turn around time ( TAT) on reaching the customer for Allianz Worldwide Partners?

    45-60 minutes.

  • How many key providers that Allianz Worldwide Partnes have?

    We have 210 key providers.

  • What is our system that automatically dispatch tow trucks called?


  • How many plans do Alllianz offer to its customers for roadside assistance?


  • Is arrangement service available for flood, international towing, vehicle repatriation, alternative transportation and accommodation available for all plans?


  • How many kilometeres of towing is offered under the "Value" plan offered to customers?

    100 km one way.

  • How many kilometeres of towing is offered under the "Super" plan offered to customers?

    250 km one way

  • What is the maximum reimbursement amount for alternative transportation under "Super" and "VIP" plan?

    RM 80.

  • What is the coverage for minor roadside repair under "Value", "Super" and "VIP" plan?


  • What is the maximum amount for accommodation under "VIP" plan per incident?


  • What is the maximum toll cost coverage for plan "Super" and plan "VIP"?


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